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Takwir offers the Best Solution and Services regarding Information Technology (IT) i.e. Website Designing, Domain & Hosting and Internet Marketing etc. These services are offered as a Freelancer. So if you live far from us, don't worry. Working together from a distance with freelancer can be very easy! We can communicate by email, messenger, telephone or so on.

 Our Learning Section provides knowledge base information and solution of different problems in this field. Our visitors can learn many Tips & Tricks of IT in this section.

 There is also an Islamic Section in Takwir Website which provides authentic and useful information about Islam. Due to its importance and necessity it is designed as a separate website channel. Takwir's aim is to buildup a passion of acting upon teachings of Islam. Every Muslim should be a practicing Muslim. Takwir offers authentic literature about different aspects of Islam specially "Tazkia-e-Nafs" (Purification of Heart).

 What "Takwir" means?

 The word "Takwir" is taken from "Surah At-Takwir" in Holy Qur’an. This Ayat tells us the incidents of Doomsday. The 1st Ayat of this Surah explaining this word "Takwir".


"When the sun will be folded up,"

 The purpose to select this name "Takwir" for our website is to remember and remind the Doomsday and the Day of Judgment during the activities of this world.

May Allah shows us the Right Path.

Some of our Clients


  Alqalam Weekly Online

  Maulana Muhammad Zia-ul-Qasmi

  Musalman Bachay



  Irfan-e-Quran Online

  Dawat-e-Quran Online

  Ittehad Rice Mills

  Quran Reciting Online Academy

  Hamd-o-Naat (Islamic Audios)

  Hadiqa tul Uloom-ul-Islamiah

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